Éric Briffard Le Cinq (version anglaise)


  • Format : 275 x 363 mm
  • 352 pages
  • Façonnage: Cartonné sous jaquette
  • EAN/ISBN : 9782723485197

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At long last! Eric Briffard reveals in this book more than 100 unpublished recipes to suit the changing seasons, developed in the course of 30 years as a top-notch chef and brought to maturity at the restaurant Le Cinq.

His dishes subtly match flavours from near at hand and further afield, displaying incomparable technical mastery.

True to his Burgundian roots and his love of terroir, Briffard learnt much from working with Joël Robuchon, won the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France award, completed a journeyman's tour of France, and worked for several years in Japan.

Le Cinq is the jewel in the crown of the George V in Paris voted the World’s Best Hotel. The restaurant itself was picked by an international panel as the Best Hotel Restaurant. Here is a place of exception, where time no longer counts, and refinement, excellence and service à la française are transcended by the cuisine of Eric Briffard.

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